MARCH 10TH 2022

A BIG THANK YOU - to Uride , who has generously donated $1843.00 to assist in our Mobile Outreach Program!

Uride Sudbury, issued a Campaign on Kindess Day to donate to a local charity and we are so blessed that they chose us!

Together we are making our community a healthier and safer place.


MARCH 15TH 2022

We have some very BIG AND EXCITING NEWS!

Effective March 8th 2022 The Go-Give Project is NOW A REGISTERED CHARITY!

Now 100% of YOUR donations are eligible for tax deduction.

Please note that you will no longer be able to find us on the CRA Non Profit Registry however, we will be found on the CRA Charitable Organizations Registry!

This also means there have been some changes to our Buisness Number. Please, note these changes below!

79680 7667 RR 0001

Thank you everyone for your kindness, patience and support! We are so excited to embrace all of the new and exciting opportunities that come with this new status!

MARCH 10TH 2022

Our team is collaborating with the Addictions Medicine Unit at Health Sciences North!

The Addictions Medicine Unit (AMU) helps patients who are admitted to Health Sciences North for medical reasons and who also suffer from a substance use issue. The unit helps patients complete their medical stay while providing addictions support up to discharge.

We have assisted many of our clients to and through this program and in doing so we have connected with their leadership team and staff.

As more of our clients seek these services we want to show our support by providing some of the little things, our friends are missing while they are admitted in hospital.

In collaboration with the AMU staff we have decided we want to fill them up with lots of sweet treats and juice boxes!

Sugar can provide temporary relief for those experiencing withdrawals and other substance related symptoms however, the hospital isn't always able to accommodate this.

Since bridging access is what we do best, it only makes sense for us to help out!

If you'd like to take part in our sweet treat delivery to the AMU at Health Sciences North please, reach out today!

We are currently looking to provide the following items:

♡ Granola bars / Cereal Bars

♡ Pudding / Jello Cups

♡ Chocolates and Candies

♡ Packaged cakes, rice cakes, cookies, etc

♡ Juice boxes

♡ Gatorade

♡ Pop/ Soda

Donation arrangements can be made by emailing or through our new available TEXT feature 249 878 8226

Thank you all so much for your kindess and support! Together we are helping build a happier and safer community!


We are a great alternative for restaurants who have a lot of "end of day" food waste.

Many restaurants find themselves discarding large amounts of good, overstock food regularly.

At Go-Give we love to encourage restaurants and local eateries to contact us to pick up their overstock; so that it can be distributed to our vulnerable community members through out the night.

Why, waste and let others fall short when let's face it – there really is enough to go around!

Leinala's Bakery is a great example of an awesome establishment that likes to eliminate food waste AND help out their local communities!

Thank you for all of the tasty treats and bread you share with us!

Many of the clients accessing our nightly nutrition programs find scheduled meal times a great obstacle and/or have faced other barriers in being able to get regular meals.

By donating to our Mobile Programs you are helping feed those who need it most, during the night time.

If you or someone you know operates a restaurant or eatery in the Greater Sudbury area and may be interested in participating you are welcome to help make that connection.

An empty stomach is a better place for food than a garbage bin.


Today we had our first Board Meeting of the year!

This was a great opportunity to welcome our newest members and discuss our plans for moving ahead in 2022.

We look forward to growing and bettering our services in the months ahead and we wanted to thank you all, for your kindess and support along the way!

Thank you from: Jessica, Ali, Shannon. S, Katrina, Evie and Shannon. M!


Happy Monday!

Thank you to Viviane Lapointe, Member of Parliament, Sudbury for meeting with our team today and taking the time to learn more about our organization.

We love building new connections and we are always excited to learn and grow with our experiences.

Our team will be getting ready to help with tonight's cold weather warning as temperatures are expected fall below -30 degrees.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to remind you that we are continuing to collect winter donations and a list will be available in the comments, below.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we wish you all a gentle and healthy week ahead!

Thank you!


Special thank you to Ian Campbell for chatting with our volunteers Evie Ali and Ali Farooq. Our team is very excited to be resuming regular operations starting tommorow, January 3rd 2022. Hours will remain 9pm until 2am. Thank you for all of your kindess and support, we appreciate you!


Another new year already? It doesn't seem real.

2021 was an incredible year and we were able to achieve so much, thanks to you.

This year has brought us so many wonderful new relationships and connections and we could not be more greatful. Together we have demonstrated that team work really does - make the dream work!

We truly could not have made it this far without all of your kindess and support.

Together you have helped us make a significant impact on our community.

We are proud of our team and supporting community for overcoming and managing many obstacles this past year and we have grown so much because of it.

At this time we remain committed to serving over 200 housed and unhoused clients across the city and this number is continuously escalating as our awareness grows.

While our goal has been and always will be to increase accessibility to resources; we look forward to working towards more permanent solutions in the future.

Thank you to all of our advocates, donees, volunteers and those who have supported us on our journey, we could not have made it this far without you.

And of course — a special thank you to our clients, our friends for believing in us and trusting us. You are all very important to us.

We can not wait to see what this year has in store for us and we look forward to sharing many new and exciting things with you in the coming months.

You can check out some of our 2021 highlights below!

We are wishing you all a warm and safe New Years eve. May your 2022 be everything you dream it to be and most importantly may it be a happy and healthy New Year!

The Go-Give Team!