Overdose Response


The Go-Give Project’s Mobile Outreach team operates primarily around the closure of all of our other community resources. From 9:00 pm until 2:00 am our team completes regular patrols of our most high risk areas. This combined with our  trained team has allowed us to respond to over 30 overdoses in the 

past year- we are saving real lives in real time. 




Thanks to our amazing volunteer cooks we are able to ensure that none of our community members are sleeping hungry! In 2021 we served over 32,000 meals across our community to those who needed them the most. 


First Aid


We make it mandatory for our outreach team to have up to date CPR and First Aid Training at all times. Not only is it essential in case of an overdose there are many instances in which first aid may need to be provided. Our trained professionals take pride in delivering optimal care directly to the streets of our community.

Harm reduction


In partnership with Public Health Sudbury and Districts The Go-Give Project is a proud member of our communities Needle Exchange Programs. Our trained outreach team offers new/safe injection and inhalation supplies and education. This allows us to lessen the risks of disease transmission and infection amongst our community members. 


As we continue to work towards lessening the risks associated with substance use The Go-give Project is also a Naloxone Distributor. This means we make sure that all of our team members and clients are equipped with Naloxone at all times. 


Naloxone is a potentially life saving drug that can help reverse the effects of an opioids overdose when used correctly. Naloxone is available in both nasal spray and injection form and is free to everyone in our community. To learn more about how to safely use Naloxone and how to obtain your free kit we would like to encourage you to reach out to your local pharmacy or contact our team today! You are helping us to build a healthier and safer community.

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Wellness Checks


From the sidewalks to encampments our friends are everywhere and we understand the risks that come with this. The Go-Give team offers wellness checks to our most affected populations to help ensure the safety and wellness for those who may need it.


Wellness checks can be called in via our urgent call line at 249-878-8226.


There are many instances in which an individual may need help but does not qualify for emergency assistance. Our team does our best to accommodate urgent needs within our community. Some of these may include seasonal provisions (particularly during the winter months), harm reduction, and brief community counselling.

Please, note that this is not an alternative for 9-1-1 if you have an emergency you must contact your local emergency department.