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APRIL 25TH 2021


It is with sincere gratitude that we extend our warmest thank you to the Church of the Epiphany (Anglican) for their recent donation of Five Hundred Dollars!

Our Team will allocate these funds to our seasonal summer supplies and mileage costs.

We are overwhelmed with appreciation!

Thank you!

The Go-Give Team!


APRIL 24TH 2021

The Go-Give Team introduced Social Saturdays! 
A big thank you to all of our volunteers who put in the hard work to make this possible!
We appreciate you!


APRIL 22ND 2021

On behalf of the Go-Give Team and our clients, we wish to thank you all for your kindness and support.
You have all demonstrated that together we CAN make a difference!
We could not do this without you!
You are appreciated!


APRIL 15TH 2021



MARCH 20TH 2021

3 short months ago our team invested in their very first sharps containers to aid in the health and safety of our community.
It was one small step, that was about to become one giant leap!
Today we work with our local public health in order to promote our safe injection collection and needle exchange program.
We are also authorized for mobile Naloxone distribution and training for our vulnerable community.
It is with both happiness and gratitude that we now move forward and get ready for the launch of our Safe Sex Workers line.
At Go-Give we have a zero-tolerance discrimination and/or bullying.
We know the risks and believe it is our ethical duty to see that our vulnerable community members have access to the harm reduction supplies they need.
Anytime. Anywhere.
Our outreach program now operates 7 nights a week!
We continue to thank you all kindly for your support, we could not do this without you!


MARCH 17TH 2021

With the warm weather approaching some our our clients needs will be changing. 🌡

Our team will no be shifting our focus from emergency blankets to sunscreen! ☀️

Although excited that our friends won't be battling the bitter cold, we do recognize that the upcoming heat poses new risks and concerns. 🥵

Our team is looking for the following items to assist with our spring/summer transition! 🤠

☆ Rain Ponchos 🌧
☆ Hand creams & Lip Chaps👄
☆ Toiletries 🧽
☆ Flip Flops🦶
☆ Bug Spray 🦟
☆ Sunscreen🧴
☆ Baseball caps 🧢
☆ Ice packs 🧊
☆ Backpacks 🎒
☆ First Aid Supplies 🩹


MARCH 16TH 2021


MARCH 13TH 2021

Naloxone is a potentially life saving drug that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.
Ease of access is crucial when living in an opiate affected community.
Our team takes great care in the mobile delivery and distribution of Naloxone, to our most vulnerable community members in the Greater Sudbury Area.
To find out more or to learn how to obtain your FREE kit, please visit phsd.ca or reach out to a Go-Give team member today!
We continue to thank you all for your support!


MARCH 8TH 2021

Last Week's Stats

Meals distributed: 1018

Naloxone kits distributed: 4

Overnight visits: 0

Overdoses: 0

Fatal overdoses: 0

Urgent calls: 1



Dec 3, 2020